Imagine living with people from different nations, cultures and languages as one community.


Imagine studying one of the best curriculum in the world, along with making significant social impact in the society you live in.


Imagine being surrounded by teachers and students who truly want to bring positive change in the world.


United World Colleges are a movement across the world dedicated to make an impact with the lives they lead.


They are committed to live in a  sustainable and 




the day my mom called me to read my acceptance letter over the phone


After an agonizing wait of two years, a rigorous application and selection process I finally received my acceptance news on a seemingly ordinary day while talking to my mother on the phone.

I live in a Hostel, and my bawling wasn't exactly eloquent but I did not care at that moment. All I could think about was that I was wanted and I had been selected.


It felt unreal.


For the first 24 hours i went on as normally as my day goes. But the fact that in five months I would be attending my dream school hit me like a train the next day.

Of course my waterworks started and have been rapidly coming to life these past few days. The mere anticipation of the coming journey makes me want to dance in joy, yell and shout!


During the selection camp I met some amazing people in my life that I am sure are always and forever going to be in my heart no matter what. I can't bear to wait this long wait of five months only because of their friendship and love.

until next time



from gujarat to the western ghats

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Reaching         MUWCI             

Ganesh Chaturthi                               





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